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Participants of UnitedLinux Oracle ISV program enjoy the following offerings and discounts from UnitedLinux member companies

Conectiva S.A.
Discounts on Developers training course located in São Paulo, Brazil.
Announcements of your company’s UL Oracle certification in Conectiva’s Revista do Linux magazine. Includes your company logo, URL and a brief description of your product and/or company.

Revista do Linux is a monthly print magazine published in Brazil and distributed through newsstands and subscriptions, with a print run of about 15,000 copies per month. http://www.revistadolinux.com.br/

For more information about the opportunities and benefits available to Oracle ISVs, click here.

To inquire about the Oracle ISV program contact isv@conectiva.com.br.



Turbolinux, Inc.
Discounts on Turbolinux training courses.
Discounts on TurboSupport offerings.
Receive Turbolinux Enterprise Server 8 upon joining the Turbolinux partner Program.
Take advantage of Turbolinux bundling program.
Various joint marketing opportunities and events. Introducing your solution on the Turbolinux web site as a partner of the UnitedLinux Oracle ISV program.
To inquire about the Oracle ISV program contact info@turbolinux.co.jp.
SuSE Linux AG
Directly become a member of SuSE Partner Program. Your company will receive a copy of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 along with specific development tools and maintenance web access for all platforms. Please see SuSE Partner Program Overview (PDF).
Special offer for porting and migration services for a duration of three months: 30% discount off regular prices.
Joint events, including presentations, workshops and testing jointly with SuSE developers, focusing on the developers’ needs.
Discounts on training courses developed jointly with Oracle, which focus on the needs of developers planning to port their Oracle application to Linux.
To take advantage of all the benefits available to Oracle ISVs by becoming member of SuSE's Partner Program, register today: http://www.suse.de/en/partner/become_partner
For questions about SuSE's special offers for the Oracle ISV program please contact: isv@suse.com
The SCO Group
Oracle ISVs receive free membership in the SCO Developer Network and access to a comprehensive set of products, tools, education, and support, including:
Technical Resources: Receive a free copy of SCO Linux, steep discounts on SCO NFR products, access to development tools, product certification and more.
Training and Education: Take advantage of SCO partner pricing on SCO Linux 4.0 / UnitedLinux 1.0 education options, including self-paced training, courseware manuals, and eLearning.
Developer Support: Borrow the brains of the industry's best Linux support engineers for an unsurpassed depth of technical knowledge to move your project ahead.
Communication: Stay up-to-date with great resources like SCO's eStreet newsletter and Partner News & Success.
Partner Resources: Cash in on valuable promotional opportunities such as exhibiting at SCOForum, participating in the SCO Solutions Directory, sponsoring the eStreet Newsletter and Solution Showcase CD, and more.
For more information about the great opportunities and benefits available to Oracle ISVs through the SCO Developer Network, click here.
To take advantage of all the benefits available to Oracle ISVs, including membership in TeamSCO, SCO's award-winning partner program, click here.

Conectiva S.A. The SCO Group SuSE Linux AG Turbolinux, Inc.

Conectiva S.A

The SCO Group

SuSE Linux AG

Turbolinux, Inc.

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