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Oracle Extends Unbreakable Linux to Include UnitedLinux

Oracle Intends to Provide Integrated Technical Support For UnitedLinux

CeBIT Conference – HANNOVER, Germany, March 13, 2003 - Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), the largest enterprise software vendor, today along with UnitedLinux, furthered its commitment to Linux for the enterprise, announcing that it intends to provide its customers with enterprise-level, seamless technical support for the operating systems powered by UnitedLinux, in addition to support for the Oracle products. With this announcement, Oracle extends its commitment to making an Unbreakable Linux platform available for customers worldwide.

Continuing Oracle’s vow to provide superior support and availability to its customers, the company is working closely with UnitedLinux founding members --Connectiva S.A., The SCO Group, SuSE Linux AG, and Turbolinux -- to create a joint escalation team that can best service the entire Oracle stack running on UnitedLinux products. The support service will be available for customers who have an Oracle support contract for Oracle products and maintain an operating system support contract with any of the four UnitedLinux founding members.

“Collaborating with Oracle extends on the global reach that UnitedLinux has established via our founding members,” said Paula Hunter, general manager, UnitedLinux LLC. “With concurrent certification of our members’ offerings and integrated global support, we expect this program will help ensure customer confidence in deploying Oracle solutions powered by UnitedLinux.”

Customers who have deployed Oracle products on hardware platforms that are certified with UnitedLinux will be able to receive technical support directly from Oracle Support Services, leading to faster resolution of critical issues. Oracle intends to identify technical support issues and fix them in collaboration with UnitedLinux, providing customers a single point of contact. Customers can benefit from joint engineering efforts as Oracle and UnitedLinux collaborate to integrate required fixes/patches in future maintenance releases of UnitedLinux.

“Oracle is proud to be the only enterprise software company to meet customer software needs by not only providing service and support for our own products, but also by extending our world class support to our customers’ Linux operating environment,” said Dave Dargo, vice president, Linux Program Office, Oracle Corp. “Together with UnitedLinux, we plan to provide front line support for Oracle customers to diagnose and fix Linux OS issues and provide the critical fixes they need in a timely manner. With this collaboration, we can offer another Unbreakable Linux platform that customers worldwide can safely deploy in their mission critical environments.”

In February 2003, UnitedLinux completed certification of UnitedLinux Version 1.0 with both Oracle9i Database and its database clustering technology, Oracle9i Real Application Clusters.

Products powered by UnitedLinux 1.0 include Conectiva Linux Enterprise Edition from Conectiva S.A., SCO Linux Server 4.0 from The SCO Group, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 from SuSE Linux AG, and Turbolinux Enterprise Server 8 from Turbolinux.

About UnitedLinux
Founding companies of UnitedLinux are Linux industry leaders Conectiva S.A., The SCO Group (NASDAQ:SCOX), SuSE Linux AG, and Turbolinux, Inc. UnitedLinux Version 1.0 is the engine that powers products sold by the four companies, each with its own value-add features, support and pricing. Built on top of a solid and tested foundation, UnitedLinux 1.0 is an enterprise-class operating system with exceptional stability, scalability and reliability, and its high level of quality has been previously available only in expensive proprietary operating systems.

Distributed virtually everywhere in the world and supported by leading global ISVs and IHVs, UnitedLinux Version 1.0 is initially available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Hungarian. UnitedLinux Version 1.0 has local language and local time zone support for customers around the world, with access to a channel of more than 16,000 resellers and a global pre- and post-sales support team.

About Oracle Corp.
Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company. For more information about Oracle, visit our website at www.oracle.com.

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